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Facility Maintenance/HVAC

Facility maintenance/HVAC Core Competencies
HVAC and Geothermal
Cooling Towers
Plumbing Services Controls and Automation Planning and
Development Preventive Maintenance
Energy Savings Agreements HVAC-R Installation and Repair

Prime Contractor - $244K- GSA – FDA Laurel MD, Cooling Tower and Localized Roof repair

Prime Contractor - -$59K – GSA- NPS Washington DC - Cooling Tower repair

Prime Contractor – $691K – NAVFAC - NAS Jacksonville, FL. HVAC direct
digital controls/equipment repair contract. Provide Test and
Balance/commissioning services on existing/ new systems.

Prime Contractor – $1.49M – NAVFAC - NAS Jacksonville, FL. Energy
Management Systems and HVAC/DDC control repair.

Prime Contractor – $1.1M – NAVFAC - NAS Jacksonville, FL vital level HVAC services to mission critical facilities.

Prime Contractor - $219K- NAVFAC – NAS Jacksonville, FL, Bldg 512 HVAC repairs.

Prime Contractor - $2.9M – NAVFAC - Project Description: Remove and Replace 10 roof top HV units. Repair remaining 14 HV units with new motors and belts; Install new energy efficient, explosion proof lights in Paint Storage and Paint Mixing rooms; Clean exhaust fans, and replace existing motors with new motors

Prime Contractor - $1.99M – NAVFAC Design-Build, Project consists of
removal, replacing and updating chiller, Air Handler Units (AHU’s), and Building Automation System (BAS) controls in nine (9) facilities on NAS Jacksonville.

Prime Contractor - $786K – NAVFAC- Design-Build, Furnish the necessary labor, equipment, materials, and supplies to provide maintenance services on the Existing TRANE Tracer Summit heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) direct digital control (DDC) systems in use throughout the Fleet Readiness Control Center South East (FRCSE).