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Job description

B3 Enterprises LLC has openings for Aircraft Refuelers at our Refuel/Defuel contract at Fort Novosel, Alabama.

Aircraft Refuelers shall possess the qualifications to transport Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) on public roadways and perform fuel servicing operations (refuel/defuel operations) by mobile fuel servicing equipment/trucks, truck-supplied pantograph, and hoses sets, and fixed direct fuel servicing systems. Refuelers shall be familiar with safety regulations applicable to aviation fuel servicing operations on and around the airfield and support activities and shall demonstrate practical knowledge of and ability to inspect and maintain fuel servicing equipment and systems. Refuelers may be required to make basic inputs into a fuel accounting system and maintain dispatch logs. .

Essential Duties and Responsibilities. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Conduct the necessary test to determine fuel quality, water content, temperature, and API gravity. Check pumping systems for correct operating pressure or unusual noises. Clean strainers and filters, service “aqua-glo” unit.
  • Hot Fuel Aircraft (aircraft engines in operation) Cold Refuel Aircraft (aircraft engines not in operation): perform fueling and documentation as required. Defuel aircraft as required, using appropriate hoses and adapters. Receive, store, and/or transfer fuel from and to fuel storage tanks and fuel tankers. Fill fuel tanks as necessary, perform grounding safety checks, and connect a hose to load and unload fuel. Monitor the process, record all meter readings, prepare necessary documentation, and report to supervision. Transport fuel from one field to another. Perform safety checks as prescribed by Company or Department of Transportation regulations on all vehicles before commencing operation.

Educations and/or Experience:

High school graduate or higher. Must be able to speak, read, and write English. Individuals must be able to pass a background check and have a clean driver’s record.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

Commercial Driver’s License Class A or B, with X and Tanker Endorsements. Department of Transportation (DOT) physical certification.

Pay and Benefits:

Pay is Union CBA based. CBA has competitive benefits and matching 401K. Starting pay is $25.30 per hour with increased rates at 1 year ($27.33) and 2 years ($29.45).

Submit an electronic resumé to novoseljobs@b3enterprisesllc.com